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Eyelash Extensions San Francisco looks to make every customer completely happy by getting it right the first time!

Welcome To Eyelash Extensions San Francisco!

Thank you for your excitement for eyelash extensions San Francisco. We are not your standard lash bar because we always put your needs first.

Are you tired of spending loads of money on makeup products that don’t give you longer eyelashes that are full and lavish? Does your mascara clump up your natural eyelashes no matter

what techniques you use to apply it?

Here at the best lash bar San Francisco, we save you time and money with each application. You can forget about your mascara when you have long and beautifully curled eyelash extensions.

Our state of the art false eyelashes are clump free and will give your eyes an added lift. Intensify your natural beauty with the most necessary eyelash enhancement. Getting your lash extension sf will change your life.

We produce the most significant lash improvement services that you can find. Our salon administers the fullest eyelash extensions, the curliest lash lift San Francisco has administered, and the deepest pigmented eyelash tinting.

Each service will upgrade your face giving you a fresh new look.


San Francisco eyelashes

About Eyelash Extensions San Francisco CA

Step into our salon and you will experience true luxury. You will have a remarkable time when you step foot into our lash salon. We are committed to making you smile from ear to ear when you see your eyelash extensions.

We value your happiness. We know how hard it is to find a salon that will give you the best eyelash extensions San Francisco can distribute. Our exclusive skills and growing lash knowledge is essential to achieve the eyelash extensions of your dreams.

It is our mission to have the most qualified lash artists in the area give you the best sf lash extension. It is important to us that our team has ongoing education and training to keep up with the latest trends.

We are the salon that will give you the fullest lashes San Francisco and encompassing communities have to present. Each lash technician is specially trained to map out the fullest and most natural looking eyelash extensions.

Our salon prides itself in top notch sanitation practices. We want your eyes to be protected while you’re in our lash bar. We take great care in our cleaning practices.

Our clients always return because we provide great customer service and pristine lash applications every single time.

Why choose us?

If you want the best fake eyelashes that add fullness and length then we are the salon for you. We are meticulous with our placement to keep the purity of your natural eyelashes.

We feel it is necessary that:

  1. Each client is greeted with kindness and respect.
  2. Our eyelash extensions and tools are always upgraded with the newest technology.
  3. Scheduling is easy and hassle free every single time.
  4. We keep the salon clean and disinfected at all times.
  5. Each customer feels important and their voices are heard.
  6. You are always able to feel calm when you are laying back getting your eyelash done.

We have been applying the fullest eyelash extensions San Francisco has witnessed for many years. We love our community and take pride in giving the women in our city and surrounding areas the confidence they should always have.

Call us as soon as you can so you can have the dreamiest lashes San Francisco has ever seen. We will work with you to secure an appointment that will work great with your schedule.

Get away from your packed scheduled and hectic life to unwind with the most calming ambiance. We always have relaxing music playing to help calm your body.

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What to expect?

san francisco eyelashes extensions

You can always expect the best quality in our lash adhesive, eyelash extensions, and lash applying tools. It is imperative that we are always cycling through our glue to keep it fresh and bacteria free.

You won't regret seeing us for the most lavish eyelashes San

Francisco has seen.

We are constantly researching new eyelash extension companies to make sure that we are using the very best products that we can. It is important to us that we keep up with the newest technologies. This ensures that you will have the most beautiful lashes San Francisco has to present.

Clients choose us because they trust our judgement and application process. We use the most intricate isolation technique so that you can keep eyelash extensions on your natural lashes for as long as you want.

Before you come to your anticipated appointment, you want to make sure that you have zero makeup on, no contacts in your eyes, and that you haven’t consumed caffeine. We want your body and eyes to be in tip top shape to relax and lay still as we apply each sf eyelash extension.

During your appointment you will be taken back with your lash technician to talk about the lash style that you want to go with. We will provide our suggestions and expertise to help you decide what is best. You will then lay back and take a lash nap while we apply the most customized fake eyelashes San Francisco has ever applied.

After your appointment we will set up another appointment for an eyelash refill. We will call to check up on you in between appointments to make sure you are satisfied.

Lash Menu

We offer services that will enhance your natural beauty and be effortless. You will be sure to save time in your daily routine after any of our services that we provide. Your natural beauty will be shining through every time. You won’t regret choosing our salon for any of your lash needs.

Half-Set Eyelash Extensions

The half-set of eyelash extensions are perfect for anyone who wants an added flare without the commitment of full eyelash extensions. The fake lashes can be placed throughout your natural lashes or strategically applied where they can accent your eyes. Everyone is a perfect candidate for a half-set of lashes.

Full Set Eyelash Extensions

VThe full set of eyelash extensions are perfect for anyone who is ready to commit to eyelash extensions. The best false eyelashes are placed on every single natural lash to fill in your lashes. This service takes a bit of time, so come prepared to relax. Everyone is a great candidate for a full set of lashes.

Fill Eyelash Extensions

The fill of eyelash extensions is done on anyone who has eyelash extensions that were previously done. This service is done every few weeks to keep up the fullness of the lash extensions. Anyone who has eyelash extensions will need to get a refill done on previously applied lashes. You go through a shedding cycle every month so you have to replace the lost lashes.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

A classic eyelash extension set is a style of eyelash technique. Classic lashes give your eyelashes a boost while giving them a look that is close to your natural eyelashes. This is done by placing one fake eyelash on one natural lash. It is a great service for someone who has longer and fuller natural lashes and wants to enhance your eyelashes without mascara and an eyelash curler.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

A volume eyelash extension set is a style of eyelash technique. Volume eyelashes give your lashes a glamorous fullness and length. This service is done by adding a fan of false lashes to one natural lash. WIth this technique, you can have the fullest eyelash extensions San Francisco has ever seen even if your natural lashes are not full or long. It is the perfect service for anyone who wants to sass up their eyelashes.

Eyelash Extension Removal

There may come a time where you want to remove your eyelash extensions. The lash extension removal process is done on anyone who needs to take a break from fake lashes. It is important that you let our lash artists remove your extensions so your natural lashes are not damaged during the process.

Eyelash Tinting

Lash tinting is similar to hair coloring. Your lashes can be tinted to darken your light and fair eyelashes. This service is great if you want to enhance a lash lift or eyelash extensions. It can darken your lash line giving you the appearance of fuller eyelashes. This service is perfect for everyone.

About San Francisco

San Francisco or “San Fran” is in Northern California. With the Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars, you’re sure to enjoy all there is to see in San Francisco.

The population is around 885,000 which makes San Francisco the 16th most populated city in the U.S.. The city became popular during

the Gold Rush making it a global city.

Our city is home to mostly minorities. The culture is diverse making the cuisine excellent.

Encompassing cities include:

  1. Inner Sunset, CA
  2. Potrero Hill, CA
  3. Mission Dolores, CA
  4. Lone Mountain, CA
  5. Lower Haight, CA
  6. Duboce Triangle, CA
  7. Hayes Valley, CA
  8. Fairmount, CA 3942
  9. Showplace Square, CA

Happy Clients

I didn’t know my eyelash extensions could look better than they do now that I’ve switched this salon. I am so pleased with how they look on my face. I get asked where I get my eyelashes done all of the time.

Ashley I.

Where have eyelash extensions been all of my life!? I didn’t know that this was something I needed. I have saved so much time getting ready in the morning because of my extensions. My lash artist knew exactly what she was doing when she put my lashes on.

Kelsey A.

Wow, the salon was so bright and clean. I felt so comfortable when I was laying back getting my eyelashes done. I didn’t want to leave! That’s how relaxed I was.

Danika H.

Frequently asked questiona

Is it okay to cry when you have eyelash extensions?

Yes, it is okay to cry. We recommend that you do not cry or sweat on your eyelashes for a day to let the glue dry and cure completely.

Will I lose my natural lashes with eyelash extensions?

Your natural eyelashes shed every single month. This is a natural occurrence and is not affected by eyelash extensions. There isn’t any damage to your natural eyelashes.

How long does a fill appointment take?

The fill appointment time varies depending on what lash style you choose. Call our salon for more detail.

Are there things I shouldn’t do when I have lash extensions?

You do not want to tug or pull on your lashes. This will cause them to fall out prematurely and will damage your natural eyelashes.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

If you’re looking for cheap eyelash extensions San Francisco or eyelash extensions San Francisco deals, then you’re in the right place. Call our lash bar to ask about pricing and discounts.

Are there lashes near me?

When searching in the San Francisco area for “eyelash extensions near me,” we are the number one lash bar for all of your lash needs.

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